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Windows 7 Pricing June 26, 2009

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Microsoft to Vista Owners: You’ll Pay for Our Mistake – Writes David Coursey, PC World, he writes
“If Microsoft really charges $120-and-up for Windows 7, the company will send a very clear message: Don’t upgrade. That, or Microsoft is betting that Vista victims will pay almost price to get the ill-fated OS off their machines…..”

Is the pricing too pricey, I donot think so, having been using it since the release candidate, it would be worth the buy. Well, little cheaper would be much better option for me personally though.

Ed Bott from ZDNet blogs Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard: How much do those upgrades really cost?

Many observers really concerned about the uptake of the upgrades and pricing. Why is it such a big issue. So far, compared to Vista, Windows 7 has been recieving good reviews and word around is damn good.

Well looking forward to my copy of Windows 7.


Code Name Windows 7 Preview May 29, 2008

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Bill & Steve previewed their 2010 expected release code name Window 7 at their interview on D6.

Will Microsoft Deliver The ‘Wow’ In Windows 7? By Kevin McLaughlin, ChannelWeb

Video and more info, James has written well about it.

Steve S mentioned that high on the list of Windows 7 priorities is Application and Device compatibility; a lot of the heavy lifting was done with Vista on the grounds of security – which has paid off massively – and that clears the tracks for the graceful landing of Windows 7 into the ecosystem. The proactive software houses that I am talking to are realising that developing on Vista and taking advantage of some of the features is a good bet due to what they’ve heard about platform similarities between Vista and Windows 7 too.

The costs of deploying a new operating system will be lower and more predicable ….”

James @ Technnet on Windows 7